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Metering Skid – Worley Parsons

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Metering Skid

19.15m x 6.25m x 6m @ 120 Tonnes.

In May 2013 Leicester Heavy Haulage were asked to provide a quotation for transporting a 120 Tonne Metering Skid to the nearest port from the manufacturer.

Upon acceptance of our official quotation the company carried out a Route Survey and prepared a detailed report for the client highlighting the challenges in moving the Skid to the chosen docks.  The report also detailed the solutions that Leicester Heavy Haulage would provide to ensure safe delivery of the Skid.


Due to the overall loaded height of the Skid and Scheuerle Modular Flatcombi Trailer being 6.85m it was necessary to identify a High Load Route for the movement to avoid all overhead obstructions (e.g motorway bridges).

A Special Order Permit from the Highways Agency was arranged due to the width exceeding 6.1m and the overall Gross Vehicle Weight being over 150 Tonnes.


The movement of the Metering Skid took place following completion of construction in February 2014.

s10比赛门票The load needed Police Escorts throughout the entire journey and travelled on a Sunday morning to reduce congestion.

Several items of Street Furniture were also required to be removed due to the overall length of the vehicle and trailer combination and the width of the cargo.


s10比赛门票Leicester Heavy Haulage arranged BT Openreach Escorts and Western Power were also in attendance to lift overhanging cables over the top of the Metering Skid.


After delivery to the docks the Skid was offloaded into a Coaster Vessel using a 1200 Tonne Mobile Crane  in order for it to be moved to Antwerp for a direct lift into a Vessel for onward shipment to Korea.


11m Wide Module

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How do you ‘Fully Support’ a Module when it is 18m x 11m x 4m @ 87 Tonnes?

Side by Side 4

s10比赛门票The solution that Leicester Heavy Haulage provided to the client was to join 2 off 12 Axle Modular Scheuerle Flatcombi Trailers together in a Parallel Format so that they could move ‘Side by Side’.


Side By Side

Following a Site Survey our technical staff devised a safe method for the transportation and this was communicated between all members of staff involved.

Side By Side 2

s10比赛门票The move took place in November 2013 and required some very careful driving from those at the respective wheels to ensure that the Module remained stable at all times.

Side By Side 3

s10比赛门票Trained Leicester Heavy Haulage Banksmen & Trailer Steersman were on hand to communicate any special requirements to the drivers and also to manually steer the rears of the Modular Trailers around any bends en route.

Side By Side 7

On the day the movement ran extremely smoothly and the client was very satisifed with the operation and the way it was Project Managed.

Side By Side 8

The Module was brought directly alongside the collecting Vessel for onward shipment to Australia as part of the Gorgon Project.

Side By Side 9

The vessel’s own gear was used for the Heavylift operation.