Welcome to my personal website



Created a Java API which can covert a String's format number to integer, double type's number. In addition, it can also check to see is the input string a valid number, a positive number or a negative number. Click here to see the API.


Added new android application, Tips Calculation, under MyCodes.

What is in the website?

This page contains codes that I wrote. It is most likely contain programs written in JAVA. Programs in this page can be Games and/or useful programs (at least in my opinion). Don't expect I can write some fancy games or programs. I am not that great, but I'll try.
This page contains pictures of my own, maybe pictures of my friends, scenes, places etc... It will also contains stuff that I want to share such as funny clips, news and even my thought. I share this as I want to share my joy to everyone.
This page contains a breif introduction of myself. In addition, you can find my résumé in this page.

Last update: July 18, 2010

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